Sunday, August 29, 2010

Road Warrior

The dark cold tar
Glistens from the light rain
I must follow the yellow broken line
Before it was a quest
It was an obsession.
Finding my road’s end,
Is to start from the beginning
Surfing the net,
To unwind
Secrets that began
Before my time.
Discovering that the beginning has
Just turned to a Dead end,
Where the secrets died there
Only last year
And never the secret revealed
To any of her peers.
So the dark cold tar
Glistens from the
Light raining tears,
As the yellow broken line
Beckons me on
In life’s unanswered fears,
To continue to be.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Balancing on line

In the glooming time

Where day exhales the

Last of the oranges

And the night inhale

The violets of darkness

There you will find

Where reality and magic

Can both be seen

In the dawn

Where night exhales the

Last of ebony

And the day inhales

The first of gold

Where magic and reality

Both will find

Me balancing on the line

Where one can hear rainbows

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dead Chicken

The story goes:
You held me around both wrists
And both ankles one hand each
I weighed only 5 lbs 6 oz at birth
You told everyone that I looked
Like ….
I remember you telling me
That when you went to pick
Me up at the Christian Adoption Agency
That you hated to go
To Newark to collect me, and
While walking through the cribs
A beautiful curly redhead baby
Caught your eye, but when
The shopping was over
You ended up with
The dead chicken.