Friday, September 10, 2010

Tribute To World Trade Center

Glisteningwtc lights

Oriental children close up

To the ebony plateau

Gaze at the thin layer

Of water gliding over

The lobbies sculpture

Hands out stretched, smiling

They must touch it

Giggling in glee of amazement

As they run upon

The ebony plateau


As the water glides

Center Plaza

At the center is a ball

Of crimson and ebony

As water flows upon the sculpture

It is surrounded

Among the man made walls

Towering the highest in the land

Casting shadows, as the day proceeds

Many visitors pass

This man made wonder

Foreigners, locals, commuters

Everyday, at many different times

See such a sight in awe

Causing all who pass, to stop and stare

Embedding it’s self

Within their minds forever

Is a crimson and ebony sculpture ball

In the center plaza of New York City’s

World Trade Center

World Trade Center Wind

Creepy sounds the wind

Crawling through the World Trade Center

Sounding like space creatures

Hearing – Listening

Darkness falls upon the City

Black Out

Creepy sounds the wind

Whoever needs to hear

They are only to listen

To find the

World Trade Center’s Creatures

Observing the wind

While one watches the Center’s sculpture

Shaped, like a darker world

Let one’s imagination form

What the World Trade Center’s Creatures are

Truly to be seen only in darkness

While listening

At the World Trade Center

In a city wide Black out

I hear these creatures

Or is it just the wind

Newscaster Announces:

“The World Trade Center has been hit

By an unidentified airplane.”

The world watches flames in disbelief,

Astonishment, grief, this is insane

A newscaster yells in the background

During a live broadcast

“What the hell is that?”

As the world watches the second plane

Intentionally crash into Tower Two

Engulfing flames spew from the Towers

Darkness swallows the New York Skyline

The newscaster announces:

“The Pentagon is hit”

The World holds it’s breath and watches

Within an hour Tower Two collapsea

Then Tower One,

Lost are the Twins of the City

Thousands lay trapped dying or dead

As the world watches

The flames consume

Changing the Skyline

And the World forever

Vivid Images Left

A police car’s windshield blown out

A man jumping from the building

An amateur video depicting

Half of an American Flag

Hanging off a twisted lamp post

A mangled fire truck

A woman covered in soot

A fire fighter crying

The World Changed Forever

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fire That Echoes

Within the silence of a foggy brain

Colors burst out of the blackness

Within the shadows of the iridescent words

Echoes the glance of fire

Silver pours like a tear drops

Never will it douse

The glances and chances

Of the fire that echoes

Within the silence of a foggy brain

As I set the world on fire