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Today is the first Tuesday of April, which means it is also the first "Two for Tuesday" prompt of the month. Poets can choose to write one of the prompts, or they can write both. Personally, I usually just choose one.

For this prompt, write an ekphrastic poem. According to John Drury's The Poetry Dictionary, ekphrastic poetry is "Poetry that imitates, describes, critiques, dramatizes, reflects upon, or otherwise responds to a work of nonliterary art, especially the visual." So, I've provided links to two pieces of art, and I want you to pick one (or both) to write an ekphrastic poem. (It would be helpful for you to mention which art you picked.)

1.) Pocahontas, by Annie Leibovitz

2.) Flight of the Witches, by Francisco de Goya

Witches and Pocahontas

I had a dream last night
My sister witches
Levitated above my head
With mother, gone and forgotten
As they ascended
They throw magical dust
Covering me like a blanket
Keeping me safe.
It is not your time yet
There is much to do.

No Sisters are they really
I am no witch.

I am the last female wizard,
Of your magic
Not the same.
But thank you
Your well weaved spells
To send me on ahead.

My spirit is the wind
That caresses Pocahontas raven hair
My touch is being
Barefooted, and as graceful as a doe.
My love is a ship in a harbor
Always safe and warm.
My life is the forest
Tall Green and alive.
Look around
To find all of me.

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