Sunday, April 18, 2010



Today is day one, and for some reason the number one made me think of "One is the Loneliest Number," by Three Dog Night. That's what happens when I create prompts while listening to the oldies music channel, I guess.

As a result, the prompt for day one is to write a lonely poem. The narrator could be lonely. Someone or something in the poem could be lonely. Or the poem itself could try to evoke a feeling of loneliness for the reader. Or, as in challenges past, you could take the poem in a completely unique direction.

Shahenda’s Vocation

She steps onto the balcony, gazing
Far unto the edges of her reign.
Moonlight radiates strands of auburn hair
Eschewing from beneath her night bonnet.

The night is young, as she
What wanting and needing
Stirs within her about him
Knowing not whence he came.

Gently a cool breeze brushes her cheek
She closes her eyes, and cocks her head
Leaning on a palm which is not there
Eyes slit open and she sees her love
She inhales and smells him
Opening her mouth tasting him
Like a snake senses its prey.

The wind blows the echo
Of his whisper
Knowing of her loneliness
For world shall never know
As she stands witness to mankind.

She was born with purpose
Loving all that upon earth
Caretaker of this world.

Duty and honor her birth rights
Chastity and solitude her faith
No Man shall have her, No man to hold
Born Shahenda, “Queen of Queens”
The Watchwoman of time
The last wizard.

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