Sunday, April 18, 2010



For today's prompt, write a water poem. The poem could be specifically about water or just include water somewhere within the poem. You could even write about water-based phenomenon, such as rainbows or water spouts.

The Blue Hole
Dahab - Sinai - Egypt

Step carefully with ship-ship, sandal or water shoes,
The water washed rocks are round
On which you place your feet.
Enter the Mia (water) with care and curiosity,
In hand is mask and snorkel.

Step lightly for all is alive beneath your feet.
Walk the hundred yards to the edge
Of the continental shelf.
Place mask upon face: insert snorkel within mouth,
Glide above the massive shelf.

The Red Sea is heavy laden in salt,
Making one buoyant, as if flying above.
Open your eyes and peer upon
Bushes of coral coloring the shelf’s walls,
In blues, pinks, greens, and whites,
Each it’s own colony of marine life.

Swim with the blue, black and silver fish
Close enough to touch.
See the hand of God, grace the water
As rays of silver white light dance
Before you, within the aqua blue sea.

Swim among the coins of transparent fish,
Sprinkled before you.
Spy upon the colored corals
Coming alive with it’s own colored fish.

Watch the fluorescent green fish
With ruby lipped smile,
Move his big yellow eye up to see
What fish you are?

Amazing the cast of color
Within the marine life,
God has placed
Around the blue hole.

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