Thursday, April 22, 2010


For today's prompt, write an Earth poem. You can decide what an Earth poem is. Maybe it's a poem about the planet; maybe it's actually the lowercase earth (a gardening or burial poem?); maybe it's just a poem that happens on (or to) Earth; maybe it's even written in the voice of extraterrestrials (that might be fun). No matter how you decide to roll with it, have a very poetic Earth Day!

Earthen Connection

I take the pitch fork out from hibernation
It has been there, in the dark corner since last spring
Hands garbed in green and white poke-a-dotted gloves
I take the sturdy handle in my right hand
And stab it into the compose of the winter
Turning each fork-fill like pancakes on a griddle
It is an act of cleansing the soil
Worms, bugs slitter and crawl by
From my rude and unannounced calling
Now with the new clean soul, I bend to my knees
In homage, to remove any stones I have shuttled to the top
Rhythmically I make straight rows
With my hands reaching deep into the soil
Tenderly, I arrange all the vegetables in order
Placing their new born roots into the holes
Covering them with care and love of the newly cultivated soil
I wipe my brow and smudge dirt across it
My knees have been blackened with my hours of work
I am exhausted
I turn on the hose
Cool the top of my head
And sun burnt back
Turn slowly and spray my new veggie garden
The pleasure of self grown veggies, or a fresh rose,
Iris, daffodil, chamomile, mint or sage beyond my door
Allows me, my private earthen connection.

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