Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Balancing on line

In the glooming time

Where day exhales the

Last of the oranges

And the night inhale

The violets of darkness

There you will find

Where reality and magic

Can both be seen

In the dawn

Where night exhales the

Last of ebony

And the day inhales

The first of gold

Where magic and reality

Both will find

Me balancing on the line

Where one can hear rainbows


  1. I love the circuitous route of this poem. Lovely! Ah, but you captured the magic well!

  2. ah what beautiful magic it hear rainbows...very nice. great one shot!

  3. Great visuals and colors! Tha last line reminded me of something funny I heard just this morning: "I can smell colors!"

  4. Wonderful right ---the colors of night the gold of first it...bkm

  5. You use the word balance toward the end, and I think that's a great description of the lines between the times you mention. Also agree with Talon's comment about the circuitous route aspect of the poem. Thanks for a great One Shot post! cheers

  6. This poem is very fresh, coursing through the sensory and sensual images juxtaposing things in unexpected way and finding that "fine balance" between them. Excellent work. Thank you.

  7. excellent poem..very well written..a loved the colours and the subtle rhymes..thanks for sharing with one shot..pete

  8. Wonderful! I love the colors and the contrast of opposites.