Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dead Chicken

The story goes:
You held me around both wrists
And both ankles one hand each
I weighed only 5 lbs 6 oz at birth
You told everyone that I looked
Like ….
I remember you telling me
That when you went to pick
Me up at the Christian Adoption Agency
That you hated to go
To Newark to collect me, and
While walking through the cribs
A beautiful curly redhead baby
Caught your eye, but when
The shopping was over
You ended up with
The dead chicken.


  1. i hope they were happy with that dead chicken...which obviously become a poet...smiles. interesting verse...thanks for linking up to one shot!

  2. A very vivid but sad piece, thanks for sharing

  3. That was so sad... beautifully written too. thank

  4. Thought provoking but so beautiful...thanks for sharing my friend x

  5. a very well written poem that really had me thinking..was it one of joy or one of sadness...but from its roots merged the person you are..a very talented poet..thanks for sharing Pete

  6. a sad one..but well put in words i agree..thanks for sharing with one stop..:)

  7. The dead chicken was what they needed!!!

    This was well written - not a touch of sadness but strength too

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Smiles from the Moon

  8. This made my heart sad for the child who heard this. I grew up bearing mental self-images of many an epithet, and though in the end they made me strong, I would rather have done without them. Dead chicken in lieu of a "beautiful curly redhead baby" sounds especially cruel.

  9. You should post links to your work on Writer's Island EllenElizabeth, the Islanders would like your work...