Sunday, April 18, 2010


For today's prompt, pick a city, make that the title of your poem, and write a poem. Your poem can praise or belittle the city. Your poem could be about the city or about the people of the city. Your poem could even have seemingly nothing to do with the city. But the simple act of picking a city will set the mood (to a certain degree), so choose wisely.

Mesa Mathruh, Egypt

Jingle, Jingle
Of the donkey drawn taxi carriages

Dowah, Dowah
Of the cotton candy man

Psst, Psst
Of the sales men boys along the beach

Swish, Swish
Of the aqua blue sea mingling with
The white, white powered sands

Scuff, Scuff
Of the ship-ships hitting the sanded road

Moo or Bah
Of the loose herds crossing the streets

Flutter, Flutter
Of kites flying higher than the

Mosque’s twin towers
The calling to worship
Five times a day echoing off the sea.

I listen to Mesa Mathruh
As she asks me where I’ve been.

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